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Bellevue is moving forward with its "Grand Connection" plan, which will include a lid over I-405 between 4th and 6th streets in a later phase.

Also, the Main Street overpass in downtown was partially reopened a few weeks ago. Took five months to rebuild as part of the widening/HOT lanes on I-405.

WSDOT is looking to replace the triangle-shaped junction between US 195 and SR 26 in Colfax. Three design options at this open house, which would all involve eliminating the very short and unsigned SR 26 Spur.

Personally, I think the roundabout is the best option.

Reminds me of US 730 SPUR (at the US 12 junction).


--- Quote from: ClassicHasClass on December 07, 2022, 10:26:39 PM ---Reminds me of US 730 SPUR (at the US 12 junction).

--- End quote ---

Another endangered route if US 12 is moved to a new alignment as planned in the far future (but not yet funded).

Yeah, I was thinking of that project. It's a good move generally though. Not a lot of space for US 12 down there.


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