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Yup, more coming on CA 125 ... but what you see on is all that's live. More coming in the future!


Macquarie's San Diego SBX may go to creditors - written off

South Bay Expressway company files for bankruptcy in San Diego

Riverside Frwy:
This road was doomed from the start. The SBE is great idea, too bad there is no money to pay for it and not enough traffic for tolls to cover the costs. I think it will get better once I-905 is completed and CA-125 will actually go somewhere.

KEK Inc.:
How much traffic actually uses I-805 to I-5.  That's the real question.  I don't really think an Eastern route is necessary, unless many people commute to/from Mexico using I-805.

The bridge over the river valley looks nice!   :-D

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