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New U.S. Highways? No, ODOT sign goofs.

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Good news: a bunch of reassurance markers have been posted along the recently (2002) designated OR 103.  The bad news?  See below:

Apparently, the shield goof condition is contagious, because at 103's north end if you turn west on OR 202 you'll see this:

My favorite, though, is this one on a 2-digit shield:

Somebody is seriously confused here, it seems...

hm, here I had wondered if good old US-3 would ever spawn a branch route.  :-D

202, seen that before but I do like the narrow Oregon style with Series B numbers.  Haven't seen a 202 like that since New Jersey.

The narrow 202 actually looks more NH style.  The ones in NJ are all old and done by the county with a variant font - narrower numerals.  See and

oh that is not a "variant font", that is standard federal spec Series A on the second one - just like intended up to 1970 or so.  Those signs are older than the one or two I saw in NJ with the Series B font.  And yes, NH is similar too - I saw a couple of 9/202 pairs, which I believe you documented, with the Series B font on the 202 and the white background on the state route 9 shields.  

the 202s are much older than the 9s. I am still unsure when NH switched from the "boring square" to the white-background Old Man; I have seen white background Old Man as old as 1977 and as new as 1984, and who knows when they switched to the black-background Old Man.  I just know in 1986 when I was a kid, I remember just white-background Old Man shields... neither the white squares nor the black-background Old Man style.

the 202/9 pairs have white-background 202s that were repainted, to have the black background, likely in 1981 when their corresponding Old Man 9 shields were installed.  The white-background US shields I think date to the 1950s; at least, I know that the 1961 MUTCD demanded black-background US shields, in contrast to the white-background of the 1948 MUTCD.

Recent sign contract gone horribly wrong?  The 202's were OR sheilds 2.5 yrs ago (the last time I drove the Hood-To-Coast route which follow all but 10 miles of OR-202).


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