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Cashless Tolling coming soon to Oklahoma

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The "legal tender" arguments are a strawman. Every state that has cashless toll facilities has a statute in place requiring you to "make arrangements" (or similar wording) for payment with the toll road operator before you enter the toll road. Many states will also let you fund your transponder with cash if you want, though how they do that will vary. You could probably mail in a cash payment if you want, though whether that's a good idea is a totally different question!

There is absolutely nothing "illegal" about stores not taking cash, according to the US government. As "1" pointed out, there is no "debt" if you're simply trying to buy something. (Incidentally, the "make arrangements for payment" thing is sort of similar to how some stores will post a sign saying "Bills larger than $20 not accepted" or similar. You're on notice of the restriction in advance, even if you choose to ignore it. There used to be a furniture store in Northern Virginia called SCAN that didn't accept cash as long ago as the early 1980s. The sign on the door was prominent and it was noted in their newspaper ads as well.)

The easiest way to break a $100 bill if needed is to use the automatic checkout lane at the grocery store.

It doesn't matter anyway, because they'll still take US Dollars as payment of your debtóthey just have to be electronically transferred rather than handed over in hard cash.

If cash was really so necessary, why not the throw the change in the bucket method of collection vs interaction with a person?
That would satisfy the new touch less desire without there being a need for all electronic payments.
Also-canít you pay for toll booths and such via cash when the bill comes? Or do they only take card/check? (Iíve never used anything but a card, personally)

The Ghostbuster:
There may come a day when all money transactions are done electronically. I can't predict when/if such a day might come, but I can't dismiss it entirely. The day when all tolls on toll roads are paid electronically will probably happen much sooner, so its good that Oklahoma is going cashless.


--- Quote from: ahj2000 on February 05, 2021, 12:15:02 PM ---canít you pay for toll booths and such via cash when the bill comes?

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