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Columbia River Crossing Price Sticker Shock

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A letter to the editor in today's Sunday Oregonian:

--- Quote ---After reading the story in the October 17 Parade Magazine about the new bridge that bypasses Hoover Dam on the Arizona-Nevada border, something struck me as odd. I reread the article and discovered that this modern marvel cost only $240 million to build. Then I checked on how much it cost to rebuild the Interstate 35W bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis after it collapsed three years ago: approximately $234 million.

Can anyone explain to those of us who will pay for it why the proposed I-5 replacement bridge across the Columbia River will cost $3.6 billion?
--- End quote ---

Kill the project, says I.

Heathen!!!  Blasphemy!!!   :sombrero:

KEK Inc.:
Glad I moved out to Seattle... 

Land values tied to property acquisition, demolition of existing structure while maintaining traffic, geological features of the area.  Note that the US 93 Hoover Dam bridge is on a new alignment in the middle of the desert, anchored to rock.  The I-35W bridge had already collapsed, so it could be rebuilt in place (no new property, you already have the foundations).  Now compare to I-5.

Add to that the fact that the project is not just the bridge but a 5 mile stretch of hwy involving rework of 7 existing interchanges, none of them standard designs, from SR 500 to Victory Blvd/Interstate Ave/Delta Park.



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