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Nevada DOT studies wind policy on US 395


The Reno Gazette-Journal reports on a Nevada DOT study about high winds on US 395 in Washoe Valley and the policies for closing the highway to high-profile vehicles.

Some stats:

--- Quote ---Between January 2007 and April 2008, 160 high-wind warning were issued for NDOT in Washoe Valley. Since 1994, about 30 high-profile vehicles have crashed because of wind, NDOT officials report.
--- End quote ---

Residents along official and unofficial detour routes voice complaints about trucks, and mention is made of wind concerns on the new Galena Creek Bridge. And when the new 580 freeway opens, NDOT says that it also will be subject to wind closures.

Except for the Galena Creek Bridge and a couple other new bridges along the new, presently under construction alignment, the primary concern about winds is in the existing Washoe Valley segment of US 395. This segment, along with the new alignment encompassing the Galena Creek Bridge, is going to be part of I-580.


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