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Does anyone know why CA-69 was renumbered to CA-245? I see no reason why it had to be renumbered, especially since I imagine the original CA-69 dates back to the 1930s or so.


I thought of that, but I don't think that's the reason.

Why not? It's the reason other highway 69s have been changed. In Utah:
"The SR-69 route signs have become a collectors' item for a large number of individuals, resulting in a large expense for us in replacing the signs. We suspect it is college students that are taking most of the signs, as there is a very significant loss in SR-69 sign panels during the college school year. We lose approximately 35 sign panels each year from this route. Often, the post is also damaged - requiring replacement. We do not experience losses anywhere close to this magnitude on any other route."

Ah, I suppose that could be the reason, it's really the only thing I could think of at all.

It'd be nice if CalTRANS actually had a nice little archive that explained why they make changes to the route numbers from time to time. Some are obvious, some aren't.


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