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Many of us here would like to see the freeway section of U.S. 95 extended further south to the California state line (and possibly as far as I-40).  How many here think the north end of the freeway should be extended further north?  There is a very long section of U.S. 95 that is four lane divided between North Las Vegas and Mercury that has been around since the 1980's (maybe before that).  How about upgrading this entire corridor into a freeway?  It doesn't need to have an "I" designation.  Just leave it as U.S. 95.

What do you think?  I for one like this idea.

I think it would be a waste of money after N. Las Vegas.  There's really not a whole lot out there meriting a freeway.

I think it's not really necessary either... It's mostly mountainous desert land with no towns of significance all the way to the Carson City / Reno area. I'd rather invest that kind of money in Las Vegas itself or Socal.

After driving in western state often, I'd have to say that as long as you put a few bypasses around towns and generous use of passing lanes, there's really no need for a freeway.


First, a note: US 95 never enters the city of North Las Vegas.  It goes through the northwest part of Las Vegas though.

There are long-range plans to add a few more interchanges to US 95 in the northwest to extend the freeway.  That would take the freeway to SR 157 (Kyle Canyon Road). With the existing interchange at Snow Mountain in the LV Paiute Indian Reservation, that will take freeway to SR 156 (Lee Canyon Rd). By the time you get out there, US 95 traffic thins out so much that interchanges are hardly necessary (heck, the divided highway is hardly needed out there).


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