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Reinstatement of the toll on the San Diego-Coronado Bridge


Down here in San Diego, the latest roads buzz that is all over the news has been the proposal to reinstate the toll on the Coronado Bridge.  The Coronado City Council has proposed building a 1 mile long tunnel underneath the city of Coronado for traffic destined for NAS North Island, which currently takes CA-75 and CA-282 to get to the base.  CA-282 would probably be the route number for the tunnel, if CalTrans decides to maintain a tunnel should it be built.  The uproar has been over Coronado's plan to pay for the tunnel by reinstating a toll on the bridge.  The toll has been gone for 7 years, and if the toll is reinstated, it isn't going to be a $1.50.  The new toll would be $10 for a round trip...that means that they would toll you going in and going out.  The toll from 1969-2002 was only there to help pay for and maintain the bridge, the proposed one is for a tunnel that most people will not use, says local news and Coronado shopkeepers.  I'm interested on what you all think about this proposal. 

It's not like the bridge is the only way there. You can always take Silver Strand BLVD although it takes longer to go around. That toll is incredibly high though, and I don't see it giving enough revenue to them.

Well, in New York, a few of our bridges cost $10 bucks round trip.

The Verazzano Narrows bridge (Staten Island to Brooklyn) costs $10 . . .and you pay it in one direction only, so you take the entire $10 hit all at one time!

The bridges managed by the Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority cost $5, but you pay going in both directions, so its really $10 for the round trip.


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