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 on: Today at 09:01:18 PM 
Started by BigMattFromTexas - Last post by kurumi
According to the Hockey Hall of Fame, Bobby Hull was the fastest NHL skater ever: 29.2 mph or 47 kph.

In 2022, Dutch skater Kjeld Nuis surpassed his own world speed record by reaching 103 kph on a frozen lake in Norway. However, he was skating behind a wind break mounted on a truck driving ahead of him.

 on: Today at 08:55:11 PM 
Started by V'Ger - Last post by nerdom
I don't think the size of a city has ever kept it from being a control city. Plenty of towns smaller than these are used as control cities at freeway exits. Interstate control cities are larger, mostly. I get that Benson is at a major intersection, but damn, still feels flimsy.

 on: Today at 08:51:38 PM 
Started by thenetwork - Last post by KeithE4Phx
It says they still don't have the money yet.  But AFAIK, they did work out a deal with the Gila River Indian Community to allow it to proceed.  Most of that road is on their land, and they fought it for years.

Living in east Mesa, I don't have to deal with that garbage when I drive to Tucson.  AZ 79, despite being a two-lane road, is much faster for us.  Once the new Pinal North-South Freeway between I-10 at Eloy and US 60 at Apache Junction is built (maybe in my lifetime, but I'm 67 so who knows?), it'll be even easier.

 on: Today at 08:46:33 PM 
Started by LM117 - Last post by nerdom
Makes me wonder how they will treat US70 in western Craven County. They can use the original routing which is NC 55 going through Ft. Barnwell and Jasper to New Bern but, I feel that they will use Old 70 from Dover straight through Cove City to New Bern. If they use either, I would love if they followed the old BUS 70 down Neuse Blvd. to Broad St. then over the drawbridge to James City. There is already enough highways multiplexed over the twin spans to begin with.

 on: Today at 08:43:31 PM 
Started by Dirt Roads - Last post by Max Rockatansky
Worth noting, I seem to be something of an enthusiast for purchasing Sub-Compact and Compact cars.  Both market segments are dying which for me is an even larger concern than anything related to EVs. 

I can confirm this is also a thing in Europe. The average new car buyer is nearly 60 years old and they prefer higher seating. So there is a plethora of SUVs and crossovers, but the compact and sub-compact segment has dwindled. And small cars were traditionally very popular in Europe. Many carmakers have stopped selling city cars and the subcompact segment has shot up in price dramatically.

This phenomenon was obvious in Holland when I worked at Schiphol Airport off-and-on from 1999 until 2003. The first time, most of the folks in the Amsterdam metro were driving smaller cars that were approaching 30 years old (many of them diesel Mercedes-Benz).  It was amusing to watch them drive off to the Mediterranean for Summer holiday towing a small cargo trailer with these cars (we all know people who do this here in the States, but that is still a curiosity here).  By 2003, it seemed like the majority of folks were then driving large sedans (many of them again Mercedes-Benz, and I didn't pay much attention to the fueling as they were no longer belching diesel fumes).

In this case, I didn't get the impression that this switchover was going to drive the automakers to dropping smaller cars from their lineup.  In fact, the opposite seemed true as we were seeing automakers like Toyota roll out the ill-fated Scion label.  I've seen the market here flip back-and-forth many times between small cars and bigger cars/trucks.  But the demise of smaller cars at a time where money is tight for many folks (worldwide) is a big concern.

Every time I've visited family down in Mexico in recent years, I've been envious of the plethora of basic small cars.  The Beat in particular (a rebadged older Spark) checked all the boxes for me with a manual transmission and under 10k USD price.  The two airbags don't give me the same pause it seemed to induce in other forum users when I brought this up in another thread. 

 on: Today at 08:42:17 PM 
Started by mgk920 - Last post by Brandon
Rockford has its own 11'-8" bridge!  And a 2-way signal for the narrow sharp S-curve under the railroad viaduct:


Nothing new per se, but I thought it was interesting.

I'm planning to pass through Cairo sometime in February.  I passed through there in 2008 and wow, what a ghost town.  All the signals were turned off to dark.  It feels post-apocalyptic, which can be kind of a fun vibe for a short while.

Been through it before.  It's interesting.  Now, for real battle scars, nothing beats Brandon Road here in town.  That one really needs its own YouTube page as it rivals 11 Foot 8 for crashes, and definitely has more semi crashes.


 on: Today at 08:39:33 PM 
Started by CentralCAroadgeek - Last post by Max Rockatansky
CA 152 above the San Luis Reservoir approaching Pacheco Pass:

0 by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

Former US Route 101 on Old Monterey Road approaching the town site of Sargent:

0 by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

 on: Today at 08:39:06 PM 
Started by KCRoadFan - Last post by ilpt4u
I-64 IN: 124 miles
I-64 IL: 131 miles
7 mile difference, give or take. I did use the “east point” exit number and added a mile for each state’s segment

If the US 66 Interstate designation was a single number in IL (I-55, 294 miles) and MO (I-44, 292 to the PSB and IL, 293 including the little bit of former I-70 up to the Stan Musial Bridge) then it would be darn near equal

 on: Today at 08:38:43 PM 
Started by V'Ger - Last post by Strider
Yeah. NC can really go out there with control cities. If you like this one, check out the cc's for NC42 at US64 near Bethel. Plenty of communities "skipped over" on that one.

These cities don’t make sense for both directions on US 64.

EB should be Oak City and Ahoskie
WB should be Pinetops and Wilson

Oak City is not big enough to warrant a control city. Neither is Pinetops.

 on: Today at 08:37:46 PM 
Started by bandit957 - Last post by Rothman
Heh.  I lived in a college town that was so brilliant that it put a large senior assisted living complex almost right in the middle of its downtown.

Town wanted to build a new parking garage.  By the time the blue hairs were done, the Town spent an absurd amount of money for about 15 spaces (at most) in a one-level hole in the ground "garage."

In more recent years, the blue hairs have seen their power wane, from what I've heard.

It's funny that mocking the elderly here with the same term multiple times is A-OK...
Found the blue hair.

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