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Traffic Control / Re: Unique, Odd, or Interestin...
Last post by Amaury - Today at 05:40:37 PM
This is a series of signs before heading down Deadman Pass on Interstate 84 westbound in Umatilla County, Oregon, west of the Blue Mountains Summit:

Mileposts 228–224.
Pacific Southwest / Anyone know what happened to G...
Last post by TheStranger - Today at 05:32:53 PM
This is more of a obscure/curio sort of thing:

the old San Diego-based discount airline Pacific Southwest Airlines used to be headquartered at San Diego International Airport/Lindbergh Field. 

Government records and wikipedia mention an address of either 3100 or 3110 Goddard Way.

The street does not appear to exist anymore and I haven't found anything about a street rename or such via google searching.

I do know that the terminal was moved from the north side (closer to the old US 101 freeway/Pacific Highway) in the 1970s, to the current location on the southerly side of the airport property along North Harbor Drive.  Wonder if this is when the street was eliminated or renamed, though PSA itself would exist as a separate company until the late 1980s.
Traffic Control / Re: Unique, Odd, or Interestin...
Last post by Amaury - Today at 05:23:51 PM
Here's another one that appears to be unique to Oregon, also in the Pendleton area:

Interstate 84 eastbound, shortly after milepost 205.
Off-Topic / Re: Minor things that bother y...
Last post by gonealookin - Today at 05:20:40 PM
Quote from: Max Rockatansky on July 21, 2024, 05:15:45 PMPeople who comment on our Facebook demanding a post about specific minor public roads be taken down.  The standard reason is typically of a variation of "we don't like non-locals." 

I used to co-admin on a forum discussing hot springs and we would get complaints about how members' posts were drawing too many people to certain springs.  The ethic in that community is that you can discuss the "unknown" springs but not give specific information about their location.  Many hot springs are listed in published hot springs guides, though.  The best complaint I got was that somebody posted some very nice photos of a VERY well known hot spring, and another user demanded that we take those photos down because they made that particular spot look too nice.  Sharing photos is a big part of the reason the forum exists.

That issue has been made mostly irrelevant by the proliferation of Facebook pages and TikTok videos which pretty much "advertise" hot springs, quite to their detriment.
Quote from: hbelkins on Today at 04:13:42 PMPrediction: Indiana DOT gives up the section of existing I-69 between new I-69 and US 41 and turns it over to the city to maintain. It's doubtful it will get a 3di designation or a "3dIndiana" designation.

I doubt the city will agree to take over a freeway. It will probably be IN 969 or IN 941
Bridges / China bridge collapse kills at...
Last post by bing101 - Today at 04:45:38 PM
Northeast / Re: New Jersey
Last post by jeffandnicole - Today at 04:32:35 PM
Quote from: roadman65 on Today at 12:30:31 PMLet Jeff or Alps answer this. They live in NJ and know more unless de facto moderator Rothman knows about this.

My guess is what the others guessed. Construction signage also supports this:
Mid-South / Re: Interstate 55/ Crump Boule...
Last post by formulanone - Today at 04:29:03 PM
Photos from earlier last month on southbound I-55 at/near "the cloverleaf" at Crump...

Rare left-land loop sign:

I-55 South at EH Crump Left Ramp 25mph Sign by formulanone, on Flickr

It looks like three lanes per direction, headed south on I-55:

I-55 South Near Crump Boulevard - Construction Zone Contraflow by formulanone, on Flickr 
Northeast / Re: New Hampshire
Last post by SectorZ - Today at 04:24:49 PM
Quote from: kramie13 on Today at 09:47:55 AMWhere the heck was everyone going this weekend that caused I-95 to be congested approaching the Hampton toll plaza?  I took a trip from south of Boston up to Ossipee this weekend and on Saturday around 10:30 AM, I-95 north was moving rather slowly and even more surprising, the left 2 lanes (which become EZPass only) were moving slower than the right 2 lanes, which go into actual toll booths.

Then yesterday around 2 PM, the same slowdowns, but going south.

This despite I-95 being 4 lanes and mostly straight between the MA state line and Portsmouth!

The pro move is to not waste your time with the high-speed EZPass only lanes when it's busy like that.

And Rothman provided the answer as to the why.

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