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Rhode Island mileage based exit numbers?

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Having driven that stretch today, the renumbering has been completed at least as far as I-295 south/RI-113 interchanges in Warwick (new exit 28/old exit 11).

Google Maps has updated all exit numbers regardless of whether or not RIDOT has got to them.

The RIDOT Exit Renumbering Project website has been updated to indicated Old Exits 6-30 have now been renumbered. I plan to wait until the project is completed, perhaps next week, to check out the final renumbered signs.

It appears all exits along I-95 have been renumbered according to the RIDOT Exit Renumbering website thus officially completing the project since Exit 1 will not change.

Yes, exits are renumbered all the way down to (former Exit 2), thus completing the project.

New SB mileage pics begin partway down my I-95 page here:


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