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Rhode Island mileage based exit numbers?

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Strange that former Exit 12A southbound to RI 133 EB is now Exit 28B, because they gave separate suffixes to the ramp split for former Exit 12B, identifying it as 28A to I-295 NB and 28C to RI 113 WB. (Note this does not match the RIDOT website listing.)

I'm guessing this is to have consistent exit numbers for I-295 NB in both directions. Similar was done for I-195, which used to be #19 NB and #20 SB, but is now 36A in both directions.

Some of the auxiliary signs are still missing the new exit numbers, or are about to be replaced by the new mileage-based number, e.g. the Kent County Courthouse sign on I-95N before New Exit 24/Old Exit 8.

I had a chance to drive I-95 from Providence to the CT border and back on Friday and document the remaining renumbered exit signs. I have started adding photos taken from the trip to my exit renumbering site, such as this for RI 138 on I-95 North, with a slightly too large old exit sign:

The entire set of photos (SB set complete) will be posted here:


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