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Taking Pictures when Driving

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What would be a safe way to take pictures while driving.  I've read about "dashboard mounts" but what is the process for making one?  I don't want to spend a lot of money but it would be really handy to not have to be a passenger to be able to take sign photos.  I have a Kodak C653 if that affects anything.

I just take pics while driving... no big deal. I drive stick by the way, so city traffic is harder.

Keep in mind the one rule; your life and that of others is more important than a picture! Only do it when you consider it save to do so.

I'd also welcome any suggestions on how to take pictures safely while driving.

Just do it on your own- start on slower roads until you get the hang of it and work your way up to faster ones. The key is not to look through the viewfinder and try to line-up the picture, just hold the camera up and shoot. If the picture comes out bad, you can always turn around and do it again.

The practice is important for getting the timing down. I always feel like I'm waiting until too late to take the picture, and that's when it comes out the best. Try to take from too great a distance and the picture comes out like crap.

Once you have the timing and the hang of it down, you can do it while weaving through traffic and driving a stick with no problem at all, but as Chris said- realize that there are more important things than the picture. I've gotten to the point where the picture taking is almost a subconscious process (sometimes I don't even remember seeing the sign or taking the picture)- but that took practice. The first several times I did it- it was scary as hell

Hope you have a camera with a image stabilization.

I use the video screen to line up the picture and snap it when the time is right (it's a feeling, heh). Usually driving in the right lane, if on multi-lane roadways, but I'll take a split-second glance to make sure everything is lined up just before taking it.

It's easier to have a set zoom on the camera instead of having to fidget with it while driving.


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