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Most Efficient Freeway System (Texas)

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Which city in Texas do you believe has the best freeway system for it's size?

Personally I think the freeways in Fort Worth are the easiest to navigate.

When I went to Texas last year in February, what amazed me the most was the freeway system. (We are going on another trip there in a few days) But they are also difficult to navigate through, I really wish that there was a system like that in my town, we don't even have a freeway. But I have to say Dallas.


I'd agree with Dallas right now...but, if Houston ever: (1)  completes the northeast quadrant of the Sam Houston Tollway; (2) completes the Grand Parkway/SH 99, and (3) extends the Hardy Toll Road south to downtown and completes the Katy Freeway upgrade and Crosby Freeway (US 90) extensions, I may have to put H-Town over Dallas.

San Antonio is a close third behind Dallas and those double deckers.


While Dallas has an extensive freeway system, many of them are consistently congested. I'll say San Antonio, with improvements on Interstate 410 at the airport and I-10 northwest of town that might help one of the areas most congested freeways. The tolling of U.S. 281 may still happen as the next idea to handle that freeway's problems.

I have pages for both freeways in the works with material Justin sent me over the past few months.

Stephane Dumas:
I know then Austin is less "pro-freeway" then the other metro areas but with various projects like TX-130, TX-183A (or is it US-183A?), TX-45, Loop 1 northern extension, I-35/TX-71 stack interchange they seem to get on the train instead of just watching the train passing.

What about the freeway network of smaller cities like El Paso, Corpus Christi?


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