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Apparently they're breaking ground today on the projects that will finally complete the W.V. section.

Still no design illustrations of how the interchange will look, and the closest thing to a description doesn't sound accurate:

--- Quote ---The expressway will connect with I-68 near Lakeview Resort. Construction will include a four-lane ramp and a small bridge, according to Walker.
--- End quote ---

I doubt there will be "a ramp" that is 4-lanes.

Tweaked title (x3). -rmf67

It's about bloody time.

Rand McNally has shown this stretch as under construction for years.

Mon-Fayette?  Where do they come up with such dumb names?  "Monsieur Lafayette" or whatever was too much to spell out?  Why not just abbreviate it all the way to "Mofo" and be done with it?

Monongahela River.  It's frequently called the "Mon" as in Mon Valley.

About time!  This is the second time West Virginia took their sweet time connecting a limited access highway at the border.


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