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Note that, in the future when you post these, you should include the California Highways: Route by Route podcast under podcasts, as it is a joint effort with Gribblenation. For folks unfamiliar, we've posted two episodes of the podcast, with another coming out next weekend. See or for details. The episodes up so far are:

0.02 Sample Route Episode: Route 105: It Only Takes a Century:

1.01 Building a State Highway System: Before 1920 Building a State Highway System


Max Rockatansky:
At some point Ill probably add them to the Golden State Highways page if not just a simple direct like the caroutebyroute. 

Max Rockatansky:
Opening the October blogs and other media materials:


The Arroyo Seco Parkway and early US Route 66 terminus points in Los Angeles

Former US Route 99 in Westmorland

Former US Route 101 on Alta Street in Gonzales

Interstate 210 the Foothill Freeway (updated)

California State Route 284 (updated)

Paper Highways: California State Route 285 (split from a combined blog with California State Route 284)

Stanislaus-Calaveras County Route J14

Aptos Creek Road to the Loma Prieta ghost town site

Go home Hollister you're drunk (the sage of Ladd Lane stripping debacle)

Coulterville-Priest Road


The 0.23 miles that is Virginia State Route 79


Baltimore-Washington Parkway


Interstate 95


The southern terminus of US Route 611 at Philadelphia City Hall

Pennsylvania Route 291 over the George C. Platt Bridge


Milsby Covered Bridge


Hawaii Route 3800 to Kahului Airport

Max Rockatansky:
Opening up October.


Former California State Route 49 in San Andreas

The strange terminus history of US Route 66 in Santa Monica

Former US Route 99 in Brawley

Former US Route 101 in Soledad

Former US Route 101 over the San Juan Grade and through San Juan Bautista (update)

Former California State Route 248 (Old US Route 66-99 from Pasadena-Monrovia)

Coulterville Road, the first highway to Yosemite Valley (updated)

Foresta Road

North Carolina

Without Cintra, Chalotte I-77 South Toll Lanes Could Take 25 years...


Drouin Covered Bridge


Hawaii Route 32, 32A, 32B and 32 Bypass

Hana Highway (Hawaii Route 36, Hawaii Route 360 and Maui County Route 31)

Hawaii Route 36A to Kahului Airport

Hawaii Route 310

Hawaii Route 311

Hawaii Route 3400 (the amalgamation of Hawaii Route 34 and Maui County Route 341)

Hawaii Route 3500


Interstate 895 through the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel


US Route 66 - Timber Creek Bridge


Skyline Drive of Shenandoah National Park

The strange eastern terminus of US Route 211 in Warrenton

District of Columbia

Center Leg Freeway


California Route By Route Episode 1.04 Expanding the State Highway System after WWII

Our US 66 Landing Page is now online!  No matter how you want to get your kicks - we have you covered.  66 Landmark Features, Roadtrips, and history are all centralized on one landing page.   As we expand our Route 66 coverage - this page will be constantly updated.

Also - all existing US 66 related feature pages are being updated to include site navigation along the Mother Road.


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