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No particular place to go

Yesterday, Brian LeBlanc and I took a brief road trip around the local area...specifically to the east of Raleigh. 
Trip Report:
Flickr Set:
Be sure to check out - the forgotten US 264A West shield, a rare I-95 NC shield, an old (maybe original) Mountain Dew logo/ad, and a rare Ruritan Community sign.  That and a lot more.

Took the new camera out on its first roadtrip on Sunday.

An Eastern North Carolina Ramble:
Flickr w/ 86 photos:

The towns of Bailey and Farmville on US 264A.  A kickass old abandoned gas station with the neon sign still somewhat intact, a TV Station that still has a 1970's NBC 'N' in front of their studios, a white on black crossroads, and much more!

I love these NC pix.  Thanks for sharing.

The first of two (maybe three) blog entries from the holiday trip to Michigan.

The 2009 Mackinac Bridge Walk -
Flickr Set (66 photos - handful of signs):

^ Neat Pics, very sharp.


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