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I think it's worth having a thread specifically for those interested in contributing to the CHM replacement project (which might be called Map Your Travels, we'll see) to state or re-state that interest.  I know many have already done this in the old CHM forum or in our original thread here, but let's get it in one place.

If you're interested, what technical expertise do you have, which parts of the project are you interested in contributing to, and how often do you expect to have time available?

We'll need project management, general programming (likely in Unix environments), web development, database design, database implementation, algorithms to analyze the data, review and maintenance of existing highway systems, development and review of new systems, and I'm sure many other things.  On the web side, I think we're likely to have general HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, whatever tools interface with the database, Google Maps API, other tools to draw maps, and probably more.  I don't think it makes much sense to develop within a framework like Drupal or WordPress, but maybe others disagree.

For my part, I hope to contribute in all areas, but I hope to be able to contribute most in overall project management, the interaction with the Google Maps API, algorithms to analyze the data, and, once we have a working system in place, to help improve, maintain, and expand the highway data.  My database experience is fairly limited, but I think it's enough that I could help with the design and implementation of the databases that would underly the system. 

My time availability will vary greatly with my teaching and other work schedules, but summers are likely to be the best in terms of finding significant chunks of time to work on things.  I can justify some work time on the project as I continue to use its data in an academic setting for teaching graph data structures and algorithms.  I will also try to recruit a few students who would be interested in contributing in the context of an independent study course or other project.

As noted before, I'm interested but my talents don't match up with our immediate needs. My limited experience with HTML (I keep things really basic for my websites, with no JavaScript or PHP) is of no help. I know a little about domain management -- indeed two of my sites appear to be hosted by the same company CHM uses -- though Jim and perhaps also other team members also have their own domains.

Where I can help most is with new systems development and review, and training of new team members. I currently have on my plate two state route systems under development (one nearly ready for review, once we restart that process), and can also help with updates in other states/provinces as needed (such as Quebec, which needs a lot of catch-up work).

My time availability fluctuates a lot, mainly with my travel schedule. I'm planning a lot of time on the road between late May and late July. But since I'm retired, I have lots of time available when I'm not on the road, subject to some other interests which should not interfere.

Thing 342:
I'd like to help with the project if possible. Though I mostly work with Java, I'm pretty familiar with JavaScript and HTML. Of course, my schedule may limit me somewhat from now until June.

I've got a lot of experience in HTML, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, etc, but my main focuses are for AARoads, so I'm not entirely sure how much I could contribute, since AARoads work already tires me out a good deal at the end of the day.


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