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--- Quote from: vdeane on June 24, 2015, 09:06:36 PM ---Another item for thought: each GitHub repository has a wiki.

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We should definitely make good use of these.  I'm happy to see that Si edited the HighwayData repo's wiki with a lot of useful information.


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--- Quote from: Jim on June 24, 2015, 07:33:35 PM ---I'm wondering how much of the functionality of the old forum, at least for problem reports with highway data, can be replaced by GitHub's issue tracking.  Does anyone have experience with this?  I just added an issue about what looks like an error in NY 100's file to GitHub in addition to posting a note about it on the old forum.

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How could non-team members report problems in a GitHub-based system? Ordinary users have been very helpful in flagging highway system changes. ISTM you'd want a new forum, with an "Updates" subforum open to non-members, to replicate what CHM has now. But maybe GitHub would be useful, internally, to track any followup on problem reports,

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Definitely things to figure out.  I just created a new GitHub account with no connection to our TravelMapping GitHub organization and it let me submit an issue, so anyone can submit one.  But would we want the end user to need to create a GitHub account?  Probably not.  So we'd want some kind of more conventional forum or "bug report" email address from which issues are added into GitHub.

I found this to be a useful quick intro to GitHub's issue tracking:

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Jim, as I've said before, a normal forum would be 10x better for reports IMO.  GitHub should just be left for errors in the code base IMO.  Errors of the map data, on a forum.  If we go SMF, it's very easy to setup a way to allow guests to post in a 'report' section where there is an error in the data without having to signup for the forums if they don't want to (if they want to post in other sections, then they can signup).  Also, you can get a RSS feed from the forums (and there's mods out there to allow you to get a specialized feed from just one section of the forum if you want it) to keep up-to-date on new posts and stuff.  I know I check the forums out here @ AARoads a lot via my RSS feed of here.  Plus, there's ways to manually tweak the RSS feed to get more than the default 20 (or is it 10) most recent posts in case you're away from the computer a lot and thus, keep up-to-date.


--- Quote from: Jim on June 24, 2015, 09:02:09 PM ---I've never used or even seen a Chromebook, but why wouldn't it let you use GitHub?  You can do it all through the web interface.

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I *had* thought it was all in the terminal, but the kids have been very demanding since school let out (and I'm the man in charge all day). I'll look into it a bit more when they're not wearing me out so much. I'd really love to be able to manage the .list via GitHub.

One thing regarding the new forum - understanding that the m-plex collaborator team had no problem with this AFAIK - is if we don't have a standard for highway corrections, that we create one.  Having one would make it easier for searching out these corrections whether it be by region, system, whatever.  If one were to do regional boards, keep it limited because we have a lot of different systems intermixed with regions - add on that some issues might cover multiple systems and/or regions.  Also educate users and new collaborators regarding it so they can (hopefully) follow it.


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