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Spanish and Italian system changes

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On CHM, Spain has two motorway systems, as does Italy.

Spain sorts by who maintains the road - National Motorways / Select Autonomous Community Motorways
Italy sorts by those routes numbered A and other routes (which includes on numbered 'A') - Motorways / Select Named Motorways

I wish to change both these.

WRT Spain, only some Autonomous Communities make it clear that the Autovia is not a Nationally maintained one by using orange cartouches instead of blue. As such, the distinction isn't clear.
Proposal - group all blue-cartouched routes into a 'Spain Motorways' system

WRT Italy, many of the routes put into the Select Named Motorways have the same hexagonal shield and green signs as those numbered A (and for some reason Tim put the Autostrade Cat-Sir in the second system when it is clearly part of the first, just incredibly poorly numbered).
Proposal - put all the proper motorways in one system, rather than in one and a half system with (some of the) expressways making up the rest of the second group.

So what to do with the rest of the routes? I don't want to remove routes just because they don't have blue cartouches / green signs
Proposal - put (most of) the remaining routes in a European grab-bag named motorways system, along with some other routes (that I'll add at a later date).

Scope of the 'eursf' system: those routes that would not be included in a 'phase 3' system for the country they are in* (so no R0 in Belgium, N-I in the Basque Country, the N2 in the Netherlands, B3 in Germany, etc) but are expressways and motorways. Not all such routes would be included.


*A exception with Denmark (and probably other Finno-Scandian countries), where almost all the named motorways are E or PR roads, mostly as that country has no phase 1 system, and as the names don't directly tally with the motorways.

english si:
Anyone got any thoughts on this?

I also have a pull request reorganising Russia - please check that.

I'm going to enact these on Tuesday.

I have no good idea. Sorry.

I wrote a PM to some guys who participated in CHM or participate in the new project and should be more familar but no response yet (a guy from Spain, a guy from Italy and an "international expert"; they are used to complain/discuss about the numbering mess).

Well, in general, I'd like to map all European motorway-like or expressway-like routes. Many of them are signed like simple 2-laned main roads, so I'm not sure if all roads of this category should be mapped (a lot of stuff to keep it up-to-date).

All Danish PR roads which have motorway standard (e.g. PR18, PR15,...), Swedisch roads which have motorway standard (e.g. 40 east of Gothenburg), German "Yellow Autobahns" (B roads like B2, B6, B10, B14, B15n, B17, B27, B29, B30, B49, B50, B243,...), Croatian D expressways, Dutch N expressways,... Just look at my damn list of u/c projects from this category ;).

But if I got you right earlier this year, you don't want to add sections depending on the technical standard but depending on the road category, e.g. not only German "Yellow Autobahns" but all B roads.

english si:
Danish motorways, because they have names, can go in the grab-bag system.

All discussed roads have a name. Some of them have more than one but no unique name.


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