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SH 146 upgrade to freeway, Kemah/Seabrook

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Bids were opened today. The winner (Webber LLC) bid $201.8 million,  $18 million less than the next lowest bidder, so someone will probably lose some sleep about how much money they left on the table.

I was at the site of the work last week, and most of the right-of-way clearance still remains to be done. However, the long bridge and elevated viaduct on the south half of the project can start right away while the ROW clearance continues.

Estimate   $191,581,736.10   % Over/Under   Company
Bidder 1   $201,835,272.64   +5.35%   WEBBER, LLC
Bidder 2   $218,886,537.61   +14.25%   WILLIAMS BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION CO., INC.
Bidder 3   $222,648,088.60   +16.22%   FLUOR HEAVY CIVIL, LLC
Bidder 4   $239,779,521.21   +25.16%   BALFOUR BEATTY INFRASTRUCTURE, INC.
Bidder 5   $251,404,776.76   +31.23%   JAMES CONSTRUCTION GROUP, L.L.C.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held today:

Work is well along on the south side of the crossing. There are only a few piers in place on the north side, but work is proceeding well on the section north of NASA Parkway.

While your picture links are broken, I was in Seabrook a couple of weeks ago. There is significant work both north and south of Nasa1. Including bridge work over Clear Creek / Clear Lake.

Some of the construction work is visible on Google Street View.


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