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Houston: Hardy Toll Road extension status

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I noticed that Houston has new Google Earth imagery dated October 29, 2017. They are demolishing the Elysian Street viaduct. Is that related to the Hardy Toll Road extension?

The Elysian viaduct is a separate project, and I don't know if the Elysian viaduct work is needed to accommodate the Hardy Toll Road extension. The official web page for the Elysian viaduct project (and its fact sheet) does not mention the Hardy Toll Road extension.

Since the Hardy Toll Road extension will connect into the Elysian Viaduct, it makes sense to have the Elysian Viaduct work completed in advance of the toll road.

Here are some Elysian Viaduct demolition photos I took on December 24.

This shows a section awaiting demolition.

A different view of the section shown in the image above

Piers for the new structure. This is just south of IH 10.

Demolition, looking north from south of Buffalo Bayou, with the bayou bridge still intact ahead.

News report about the extension. Contracts for construction of the main lanes are scheduled to be awarded in 2019.


Any updates on this going out for bids?


--- Quote from: rte66man on May 23, 2019, 08:20:37 PM ---Any updates on this going out for bids?

--- End quote ---

According the to project web site, the contract for the main lanes is now set for 2020, so there appears to be 1-year delay.

I drove through the area recently and the the Lorraine underpass work is just getting started, and that's the only work in progress right now.


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