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--- Quote from: Life in Paradise on November 17, 2022, 12:56:34 PM ---
--- Quote from: Bobby5280 on November 16, 2022, 11:09:31 PM ---I remember the early 1980's when I-44 between Oklahoma City and Wichita Falls had "Future" tags over the I-44 shields.

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Or Missouri when they put "Temp" I-44 on areas of US 66 between St. Louis and Springfield back in the early days (I'm thinking late 60s, early 70s).

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Yes, I am old enough to remember this. This continued beyond Missouri. When my dad let my Aunt drive to Arizona, she asked about the on again-off again I-40 signs, he said "just stay on 66".

I got this email today from Garver , ARDOT's public involvement coordinator for I-57.

* * * *

Garver, in coordination with the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), will conduct Location Public Hearings to present and discuss the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the proposed Walnut Ridge to Missouri State Line (Future I-57) connection in Clay, Greene, Lawrence, and Randolph counties. The hearings will be held at the following locations, and content will be the same at each meeting.


December 13, 2022
4:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Williams Baptist University
(Moody Room)
22 McClellan Dr.
Walnut Ridge, AR

December 14, 2022
4:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Pocahontas Community Center
300 Geneva Dr.
Pocahontas, AR

December 15, 2022
4:00 – 7:00 p.m.
M.B. Ainley Community Center
(Banquet Room)
536 E. Elm St.
Corning, AR

These will be open house meetings with no formal presentations. The public is invited to visit any time during the scheduled hours to view exhibits, ask questions, and offer comments. Project information is available online at The meeting materials and public comment form are also available on the project website. Any publicity you might give these meetings will be appreciated, and a notice flyer is attached.


--- Quote from: vdeane ---Am I the only one who appreciates not having a bunch of short sections with gaps laying around?  The ones that existed decades ago were because the system was still incomplete and the pace of construction was faster.  Now we're talking about additions to a complete system with any gaps regularly lingering for 20-30+ years.
--- End quote ---

North Little Rock to Walnut Ridge wouldn't be a short segment of I-57. That's about 123 miles that could be signed as I-57 within the near future.

The segment of US-60 between Poplar Bluff and Sikeston is around 50 or so miles; that segment could be upgraded to Interstate standards pretty easily. Add a few more miles of US-67 around the West side of Poplar Bluff. Roughly 75% of that 240 mile Little Rock-Sikeston segment of I-57 could be signed as such fairly easily. Certainly it will take longer to build out the remaining gap thru the Pocahontas and Corning areas up to Poplar Bluff. But it's not a big gap to fill.

Another important point on the side of signing these segments of US-67 as I-57 when they reach Interstate quality: the signing change does provide some marketing benefit to cities and towns along the route. It helps make them more visible on a map.

^ My guess is upgrading US-60 between Poplar Bluff and Sikeston will be the last section to be completed. It is already a 4 lane divided highway with partial access control and functions adequately.

Priority should be, and appears to be, focused on upgrading / relocating US-67 to interstate standards between Poplar Bluff and Walnut Ridge. Once a fully 4 lane expressway is created throughout, then the focus can shift on “closing the gap” on the US-60 portion.

I have a nasty feeling in my Big Boy Gut is that we will still be talking about this at the end of this decade. This should have been started early in the previous decade. This Stalemate on this and IH 49 is FUBAR


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