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I-49 Lafayette Connector/I-49 South Update (The Sequel)

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--- Quote from: Gordon on September 05, 2020, 12:32:45 PM ---I see where going to have 2 workshops online September 9th and 17th. How did the soil testing come out  that they did in earlier of this year for contamination that might get in the ground water?

--- End quote ---

The workshops cover the CSS design of the structural features for the bridge and ramp structures. The study of soil testing and the potential of contamination is a separate issue that would be covered through the Supplemental EIS process.

I think it in May this year they going to do soil core testing in the area along railroad. I haven't looked at the above grade part of the connector but if the part along the railroad was at ground level I can't see it would ever contaminate the Chicot Aquifer.

The Ghostbuster:
Is there a chance that the Lafayette Connector may be canceled, and Interstate 49 South to New Orleans might be abandoned? Not that I advocate them doing so in any way, shape, or form, but it always remains a possibility. I'm sure the Sierra Club guy would love that.

I'm looking at bypass options and the area southwest of Lafayette is still quite heavily developed. Still, it might be more feasible in the longer term although it would be more useful as an I-10 alternative than as I-49.

I came up with this idea that probably minimizes disruption the most while allowing for a full speed bypass. With this, I-49 would still end in Lafayette, but I-10 would take over the bypass and US 90 to New Orleans, while I-12 gets extended westward (and a few other numbering changes are made). For those who want a freeway route from New Iberia and east to north of Lafayette, they could take I-10 to I-12 and then I-12 to I-49. This preserves downtown Lafayette without a freeway and fixes up the numbering.

The Ghostbuster:
Too fictional, RoadMaster09. Take it to Fictional Highways.


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