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I been noticing Dollar Generals has been popping up everywhere.

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I don't know how long this been going on or if it's occurring in other areas, but I've noticed here in Kentucky Dollar General have really expanded with new stores, especially in really small communities.   I just find it odd to see since I'm use to seeing Dollar General as a store you find in strip malls.

I’m sure HB Elkins would know. He knows many things Kentucky.

Dollar stores in general have been growing much faster than other retailers due to their lower overhead, smaller footprints, and relative popularity. But they're also helping fuel food deserts (as most don't have fresh produce or even healthy packaged options), drive more inequality, and are generally a blight on neighborhoods.

Been noticing Dollar General in particular marching closer and closer to the Seattle area, having first appeared in rural Washington a few years ago. Would much rather have more conventional grocers out in the countryside.

(Also, in terms of dollar stores I'd much rather have something more fun like Daiso)

Dollar stores are controversial in New England (no surprise there). That doesn’t mean they’re unpopular, esp. in an age of rising costs and inflation.

Dollar General has been expanding into very rural areas throughout the South for about a decade now.


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