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Why does the NYS Thruway not sign for Rochester and Syracuse?

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The Thruway only signs for Buffalo and Albany yet ignores Rochester and Syracuse; why exactly is that?

Also, why sign for Erie west of Buffalo and not for Cleveland?

If Erie was skipped in favor of Cleveland, wouldn't that be just like skipping Syracuse in favor of Albany?  :hmm:

(Personally I think Syracuse should be used since it's a major interstate junction and it would break up the extremely long "Albany to Buffalo" section, but I'm fine with Rochester being skipped since the Thruway doesn't go to Rochester.)

I should've worded it better; I meant that if the Thruway ignores Rochester and Syracuse, then it should also ignore Erie which is smaller than both. Basically, in other words, the Thruway should only sign for Erie if it also signs for Rochester and Syracuse. If the Thruway only signs for Buffalo and Albany, then it should also ignore Erie and just sign straight for Cleveland west out of Buffalo.

Also, it's weird that I-90 EB is actually signed for Albany/Rochester at the junction with I-190. I-290 EB is similarly signed for Rochester for its entire length.

The Thruway should use Syracuse and Rochester in addition to Buffalo. They’re both significant enough and would help break up a very long drive. As for Erie, I could go either way. Ohio signs its northeastern highways (both I-90 and I-271) as “Erie Pa” instead of Buffalo.

I think Erie is used because it’s a major Interstate junction (I-79). Plenty of examples like that out there, but at least Erie is a proper city. Ask NCDOT why Benson is used on I-95 instead of Fayetteville or Rocky Mount.


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