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Improvements to Bandera Road (SH16) in San Antonio


TxDOT held a public meeting tonight on proposed improvements to SH16 in San Antonio.

Their plan is to widen the road to 8 lanes and, most exciting for me, convert most of the intersections into RCUTs.

UT San Antonio had proposed a 10 lane boulevard split into local and express lanes. TxDOT shot down the idea because of the enormous cost of ROW acquisition and the poor traffic performance.

TxDOT did mention the benefits of extending Guilbeau and Mainland to Eckhert but couldn't go any further since that's not under their jurisdiction.

Texas Highway Man has more detail here:

armadillo speedbump:
Many thanks to Texas Highway Man, his website is very impressive and extensive.

One thing that annoys me are all the driveways that will remain despite it looking like they could fairly easily be consolidated


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