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NAFTA Superhighway/IMCTRC/Trans-Texas Corridor


NAFTA Superhighway
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I don't have much to say about this, mainly because there isn't much information about it.

International Mid-Continent Trade Corridor (IMCTRC)
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This one is my favourite, mainly because it leads to the border just 50km away from my home town, which will bring more jobs and a freeway, which is what this town needs.

Trans-Texas Corridor
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I really think something like this is needed, because the roads are really, really bad in Texas from Oklahoma City to Laredo.

What are your opinions on these trade routes?


Part of the rational for building the Texas 130 toll road is to alleviate traffic congestion in Austin. If you have never been on Interstate 35 through there, its quite a chore to drive because of Austin's ever-expanding growth. The eventual corridor of TX-130 takes the toll road all the way to Interstate 10 east of San Antonio.

Well...Isn't the "NAFTA Superhighway" and the IMCTRC really one and the same corridor?? (I-35/I-29/I-94)

And as for the Trans-Texas Corridor...well, may that bad idea rot in hell...ahhhh, I mean, rest in peace.

misc.transport.road: RIP Trans-Texas Corridor

Hopefully this will promp Texas officials to get with the rest of America and build their section or I-69 (and the links to Brownsville and Texarkana as freeways, as it should have been in the beginning.


As of January 6 of this year, the Trans-Texas Corridor is a dead project. I'm including a link from the Dallas Morning News that has all the details.


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