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Driving through northwest Texas from Colorado today, I took a slight detour off US87 and drove across TX-354.

Is there any reason, in particular, why this stretch of road is a state highway? Rather than an FM route?

To the west of US385 and east of US287/US87, the road is an FM route, but this stretch, with nothing on it of note (other than some ranch entrances) it's a state route. A badly maintained one, as well. Narrow road, huge rolling patch jobs and broken 'shoulders' if you can call them that.

Nice route for the first 10 miles or so from Channing, but no clue why it deserves to be a state route rather than an FM route.

Any particular reason?


Apparently it was once a section of TX-5 before the US route system was invented. Whenever the US routes were established, they took over a great deal of TX-5, leading to it being decommissioned. So the old section of TX-5 that was left without a designation became TX-354, I guess.


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