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rawr apples:
local opposition would put a quick stop to that


--- Quote from: mightyace on February 17, 2009, 04:56:54 PM ---Isn't he out of office now?  :clap:
--- End quote ---

He retired earlier this decade, but his son Bill now holds his former seat.


--- Quote from: rawr apples on February 17, 2009, 06:02:13 PM ---local opposition would put a quick stop to that
--- End quote ---

That's exactly what happened.

If anybody needs an easier way to Norfolk/Va. Beach from The Pittsburgh area, I can give it to you.

The Pa. Turnpike is a PURE JOKE for a toll road. Those tunnels are old and outdated. The speed limit should be cut back to 60. The N.J. Turnpike is more smoother and wider. Go figure.


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