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Adding a 43 on top of the 30 would make the most sense. But absent that, since (Im guessing) Rhode Island provides the Old Exit 30 tab as part of the new signage, MassDOT might not be compelled to do anything for the moment.


--- Quote from: The Ghostbuster on January 02, 2023, 07:30:23 PM ---Is there any chance the situation could be rectified, such as placing a 43 on top of the 30 sign? I doubt the exit tab will be removed until the sign is replaced in the future.

--- End quote ---

A similar patch, but of the whole tab, was done on I-395 when Connecticut renumbered exits, leaving the Mass sign for the exit with the old number.
No reason they couldn't patch just like they did on existing Mass signs in Mass, but they do need to do it through whatever channels are required. 
The timing was just right for it to be planned, fabricated, and installed as RI was changing numbers--any other timing and it wouldn't have been quite as interesting.

Went to RI this weekend on I-95. The sign for the first RI Exit 43/Old Exit 30 in Massachusetts is still signed for the latter, but the sign for the next one just before the state line (Exit 42/Old Exit 29) does reflect the new number.

I've added new photos documenting sign replacement between Reading and Lynnfield on my I-95 in Mass. Gallery including this 2 sign cantilever for the US 1/MA 129 exits northbound:

The rest at:

Took a trip over the weekend to check out any new signage on I-95/MA 128 between Reading and Lynnfield since my last trip in March. All of the signage for the US 1/MA 129 exits as well as the 1 mile advance for the MA 128 exit are up:

The 2 Miles advance NB for 128 and 4 other signs SB still need to be installed. All the photos are at:


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