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I believe the point is to get traffic away from the public square in the center of town, where the Washington County Courthouse is. They probably didn't want two state highways and the traffic they bring to go around that public square anymore.


--- Quote from: vtk on December 02, 2022, 09:10:29 PM ---I just spotted this on the map. It doesn't look like a particularly useful bypass, only providing an advantage to traffic between 135 south of town and 56 east of town. INDOT has construction photos online but nothing about the justification for its existence nor any hint of future extension. A news article about its opening last year doesn't say anything about future phases either.

Is the 135 to 56 movement particularly heavy, or was this a misappropriation of funds?

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The purpose as reported back in 2013.

INDIANAPOLIS – A new stretch of road opened Thursday to support a growing southern Indiana town. The goal of the new bypass is to relieve traffic around the city of Salem. The bypass runs south and east of the Washington County city. Motorists will only be able to enter or exit the bypass at Indiana 60 or at either end of Indiana 135 and Indiana 56. The bypass is only four miles long, but Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman said Thursday that all projects, big and small, are important. “While there’s much talk about the Ohio River Bridges or I-69, Major Moves projects of all sizes are benefiting communities around the state,” Skillman said. “The idea is to drive economic development to our communities and leapfrog our competition in other states for new business.” Shortly after a Thursday morning ceremony, the first section of the road opened just south of Salem between Indiana 135 and Indiana 60. The remainder is anticipated to open within one to two weeks, stretching to Indiana 56 just east of Salem. Washington County provided all of the development and engineering work for the project, including design and land purchases. The Indiana Department of Transportation financed the construction and oversaw the contractor’s work. “This project would not have happened without the participation and partnership of local leaders,” said Kathy Eaton-McKalip, INDOT’s director of grants and local programs. “Looking ahead, partnering with communities or the private sector is increasingly the model for getting big projects done.”

i wonder if it will make it to 135 on the north side one day

Interstate 69 Fan:

--- Quote from: silverback1065 on April 02, 2013, 09:12:58 PM ---I just noticed on Google Maps that a bypass of Salem, IN appeared.  Does anyone know what route is signed along it?  I assume its 135, but can't find any info on the matter.

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Yes, SR 135 is signed along it. Even SR 60 is routed along it to connect on the eastern end at SR 56.


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