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Author Topic: California Route by Route: Episode 0.02 – Route 105 – It Only Takes a Century  (Read 355 times)


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For those that didn't read my changes post, I'd like to highlight one paragraph:

One major delaying factor was the podcast. Yes, Tom Fearer and I have started a new podcast series that we’re calling “California Highways: Route by Route“. It will be a joint production of California Highways and Gribblenation. The eventual plan is to have one or more episodes for each numbered highway in the state (just like I do on this site), combining the information here such as legislative changes, highway history, naming history, and major projects with the extensive historical research Tom has done in the archives, and on his trips on the road. The first season will be background, going through the history of California Highways in a broad sense, explaining highway numbering and naming, and explaining the governance and regulatory processes and organizations that bring us highways. The second season will start with the highways proper, with multiple episodes devoted to long or significant route (for example, it looks like Season 2 will focus on Route 1 and Route 2, and there will be entire seasons on Route 99 and US 101. I expect this to be a retirement project for me—I’ve plotted out all the highways, and it looks like there will be at least 35 seasons (12 or so episodes a season, with initially an episode monthly)! Right now, a teaser episode is up and we’ll be putting up a full sample episode by early June, as I get more familiar with the audio editing tools. late June or July will bring the first real episode. So watch for “California Highways: Route by Route” on our anchor.fm site; at its forever home at the California Highways: Route by Route website, or in all the traditional podcast venues (and it better be, as I use the namesake device—an iPod Classic—to listen to my podcasts (no streaming here)).

Tom and I have just released our first full-length sample episode. You can find it at https://caroutebyroute.org/2022/05/28/episode-0-02-route-105-it-only-takes-a-century-sample-episode/ or https://anchor.fm/caroutebyroute/episodes/Route-105---It-Only-Takes-a-Century-Sample-Episode-e1j70mm/a-a810902
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