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🛣 Changes to the California Highway Website covering March-April (and a little

Started by cahwyguy, May 27, 2022, 04:04:22 PM

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For the full version (with active links), see or

Whew! In between everything else I've been doing, I've also been working on updates to the highway pages. The latest batch is done. Here's the change log:

The original plan was for this update to cover March and April. It stretched mostly into May, due to a variety of factors: a number of backed up theatre reviews, an entire weekend lost to writing my detailed sample ballot analysis, and various caregiving and (of lately) non-COVID health issues. Alas, some of those are still ongoing. What did you say? I couldn't hear you. Sigh.

One major delaying factor was the podcast. Yes, Tom Fearer and I have started a new podcast series that we're calling "California Highways: Route by Route". It will be a joint production of California Highways and Gribblenation. The eventual plan is to have one or more episodes for each numbered highway in the state (just like I do on this site), combining the information here such as legislative changes, highway history, naming history, and major projects with the extensive historical research Tom has done in the archives, and on his trips on the road. The first season will be background, going through the history of California Highways in a broad sense, explaining highway numbering and naming, and explaining the governance and regulatory processes and organizations that bring us highways. The second season will start with the highways proper, with multiple episodes devoted to long or significant route (for example, it looks like Season 2 will focus on Route 1 and Route 2, and there will be entire seasons on Route 99 and US 101. I expect this to be a retirement project for me–I've plotted out all the highways, and it looks like there will be at least 35 seasons (12 or so episodes a season, with initially an episode monthly)! Right now, a teaser episode is up and we'll be putting up a full sample episode by early June, as I get more familiar with the audio editing tools. late June or July will bring the first real episode. So watch for "California Highways: Route by Route"  on our site; at its forever home at the California Highways: Route by Route website, or in all the traditional podcast venues (and it better be, as I use the namesake device–an iPod Classic–to listen to my podcasts (no streaming here)).

Updates were made to the following highways, based on my reading of the (virtual) papers in March and April 2022 (which are posted to the roadgeeking category at the "Observations Along The Road"  and to the California Highways Facebook group) as well as any backed up email changes. I also reviewed the the AAroads forum (Ꜳ). This resulted in changes on the following routes, with credit as indicated [my research(ℱ), contributions of information or leads (via direct mail or ꜲRoads) from ConcreteBob(2), Tom Fearer(3), Cameron Kaiser(4), kernals12(5), Plutonic Panda(6), rschen7754(7), Dale Sanderson(8): Route 1(ℱ), Route 4(ℱ), I-5(3), Route 7(3), I-10(6), Route 19(3), Route 20(ℱ), Route 25(ℱ), Route 26(ℱ,3), Route 33(3), Route 38(3), US 40(3), Route 41(ℱ), LRN 43(3), Route 46(ℱ), Route 47(ℱ,3), US 50(ℱ), Route 58(ℱ), Route 60(3,4), Route 67(ℱ),  Route 70(3), Route 76(ℱ,3), Route 78(3,7), I-80(ℱ),  Route 86(ℱ), Route 99(ℱ,3), US 101(ℱ), Route 103(ℱ,3), Route 107(3), I-110(ℱ,3), Route 111(ℱ), Route 126(5), Route 135(ℱ), Route 145(ℱ), Route 148 (Capitol Southeast Connector)(2), Route 152(ℱ), Route 164(3), Route 187(3), Route 188(3), Route 213(3), LRN 231(ℱ,3), Route 243(3), US 466(8), I-710(ℱ).
(Source: private email, Highway headline posts through the April Headline post, AARoads through May 27, 2022)

Update the state highway numbering page based on observations from Tom Fearer. Put in a new header logo, courtesy of the graphic skills of J. Scott Hayden, moderator of the California Roads, Signs, and Maps: A Collection of Old & New Facebook Group.

Added a link to Gribblenation's Oahu Highways page. As a reminder: If you have a regional page (state, country), please let me know so I can add it to the links directory. Yes, this is old-fashioned in these days of search engines, but it still does serve to increase the visibility and ranking of all sites.

Reviewed the Pending Legislation page, based on the California Legislature site. As usual, I recommend to every Californian that they visit the legislative website regularly and see what their legis-critters are doing. As many people are unfamiliar with how the legislature operates (and why there are so many "non-substantive changes"  and "gut and amend"  bills), I've added the legislative calendar to the end of the Pending Legislation page. No bills were passed during this review period (although one naming resolution, SCR 39, was sent to the Governor). A number of Assembly Bills had their non-substantial contents replaced with something substantial–most notable was a bill that will authorize relinquishment of Route 107 in Redondo Beach. Also notable was a new resolution to remove the designation of the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway (including removal of all signs).

Reviewed the online agenda of the California Coastal Commission. I reviewed the March, April, and May agendas for the Coastal Commission meetings. No actions rose to the level of Highway Page significance.

As the March 2022 CTC approved the newest iteration of the SHOPP and the STIP, after processing the CTC agenda items, I went through the SHOPP and STIP to ensure that any new items that rose to the level of interest were captured in the pages. From the SHOPP, updates were made to: Route 4, Route 14, Route 24, Route 49, Route 96, Route 99, Route 110, and Route 246. The updates to the STIP give a lot less detail (for example, there are no postmiles nor detailed descriptions of the changes)–you're lucky to get a title, county, route, and project number. Based on what I could figure out from the STIP, updates were made to I-10, Route 57, US 395, I-680. Note that a number of line items appeared to reference a postmile, but never indicated the route. My guess is that the STIP items will eventually make their way into the SHOPP (especially as they have PPNOs).

I checked California Transportation Commission page for the results of the March and April 2022 meetings of the California Transportation Commission (although April was a one-day meeting and had no items of interest as the focus was rail and transit). As always, note that I tend not to track items that do not impact these pages – i.e., pavement rehabilitation or replacement, landscaping, drainage, culverts, roadside facilities, charging stations, or other things that do not impact the routing or history, unless they are really significant. As such, the following items were of interest:

(See the post for the rest)
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