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Why are the exits signs in green? and through route signs in blue? Is it for that very reason?



--- Quote from: agentsteel53 on July 11, 2009, 12:43:59 PM ---great stuff!  I enjoyed seeing that  :sombrero:

The Roman-alphabet font is not Highway Gothic.  Looks closer to Arial to me, but isn't quite that either.  I don't know if it is an otherwise used font, or an Israeli custom job.  The extra wide kerning is throwing me off a bit too.

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It's a widely-kerned Helvetica. (Easiest way to tell Helvetica from Arial is the "R": Arial's drops down from the middle of the bowl at a slope, Helvetica's curves out from the end of the bowl and is more vertical.)

Build a freeway to Megiddo and there's your road to the Apocalypse...LOL!  I wonder how long a Bugatti Veyron would take to drive the length of Israel if 6 was empty?  It's such a tiny country.  Driving there must be similar to being on an island.


Road Hog:
The blue overhead signs are very reminiscent of the German autobahn. I assume the green ones are reserved for trunk roads, not unlike Britain, although those signs are usually also blue on the motorways.

I bet they're blue because of the British colonial times, and I'd guess that's why the license plates are Yellow and black, too (maybe?)


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