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I don't know if anybody has checked WSDOT's SRWeb out recently, but they've redone it and now you can get full sized images at pretty good resolution, along with images tilted to the right. My site just got totally owned  :-(

But seriously, load times are fast, the imagery is great, and I wish every DOT could be as awesome as WSDOT in terms of putting stuff online. This is fantastic

Here's an example (of one of my favorite signs in the state), you can check out SRWeb here:

edit by AgentSteel53: include width=800 after the img tag so it doesn't stretch the screen

As long as you have content to go along with your photos, your site is not owned. Plus you have a route log and such; the srweb cannot provide you with that.

I do agree though, the high resolution images are a nice improvement.


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