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Golden Ears Bridge

Started by Voyager, January 23, 2009, 03:56:34 PM

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This is a very beautiful bridge in Vancouver that is under construction.

Back From The Dead | AARoads Forum Original


Wow, a double cable-stayed span, you don't see that often. (The Rio Antirio bridge in Greece comes to mind).


Where in the Vancouver area is this bridge exactly being build ?
As part of which road ?

Beautiful picture


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Shadow Assassin

Needs a better name though. :P


Back From The Dead | AARoads Forum Original


Bridges is another one of my favourite part of the road networks. I especially love concrete cable styles. I think the name Golden Ears is rather good. How many bridges have Ears in their title, now that is standing out. Beautiful pictures.


Where's the road for the bridge?

Stephane Dumas

article from
the Golden Ears Bridge replace a ferry located in the lower Fraser river valley east of Vancouver

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