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Canada: Sea to Sky Highway Updates

Started by ComputerGuy, January 19, 2009, 11:53:36 AM

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This topic will be dedicated to the wiedening of British Columbia Provincial Route 99 (the Sea to Sky Highway) from North Vancouver to Whistler. This wiedening is critical for access to Whistler, host of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

I have a question: What is the condition of the highway now?

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Those pics look amazing (well, them make the Sea-to-Sky look amazing). I'm impressed. Now hopefully they will be able to handle the traffic up to Whistler. It looks like they did a nice job.


Riverside Frwy

I saw this highway while watching the 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremony.If you look at the opening video where it shows a fly over of Vancouver with a sea-plane you can actually see the highway.I just watched it a few hours ago.


Freewaybrent made an awesome video of the Sea to Sky Highway.

Watch it in full resolution.


Someone go find him and have him do up a clinched highways file on the clinched highways page. Those are excellent videos.


That's an amazing video! I've always wanted to go to BC, now it makes me want to go there even more.   :sombrero:
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Yay ! Sea to sky highway ... this video is on my youtube's favourite videos ! this video is perfect I give him 5 stars ^^
It's named a ''highway'' but for true I think it's a ''secured-BC-route''... and the speed limit is down of real highways.
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