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Are there currently any planned freeways in CA, OR, WA, or HI?

In Washington State they are currently  working on converting US-395 into a freeway around East Spokane, hitting north around Lake Mead.  It's unclear if this will receive the Interstate 190 designation once completed but it seems like they are aiming that direction.

They're converting the final stretch of SR 167 from Puyallup to SR 509 in Tacoma into a freeway shortly.

They are planning on expanding the existing SR 509 freeway from I-5 to the current SR 509 freeway in Normandy Park. It is unclear what route designation this would take, the tentative numbering is SR 509, but that would leave it with a discontinuous segment unless they numbered the new construction SR 509 SPUR, which isn't totally out of the question.

Down in Tacoma they have been working for years on getting the State Route 704 freeway built, that would run as a freeway between Fort Lewis and McChord and connect I-5 to SR 7.

All of these are formally approved projects by WSDOT just waiting on funding (except the US-395 North Spokane Corridor project which is currently under construction). It will be interesting to see what happens once the stimulus package gets passed.

Here are some planned freeways in California (at least those to my knowledge):

CA 4 Bypass -- Brentwood (eastern Contra Costa County) -- will be built/upgraded as a freeway.

CA 52 -- Santee (San Diego County) -- the existing freeway will be extended eastward to CA 67.  May already be under construction.

US 101 -- Willits Bypass (Mendocino County) will be a freeway; Novato Narrows (northern Marin Co. and southern Sonoma Co.) will be upgraded to a freeway.

CA 152 -- US 101 to CA 156 (northern San Benito Co. and southern Santa Clara Co.) -- will be built/upgraded as a freeway (timing and funding unknown).

CA 156 -- Castroville to Prunedale (Monterey County) -- will be upgraded to a freeway.

CA 180 -- Within and west of Fresno (Fresno County) -- freeway extensions are proposed at each end of the existing CA 180 freeway.

CA 905 (future I-905) -- San Diego (San Diego County) -- will be upgraded to a freeway between I-805 and CA 125.

Various sections of CA 58, CA 99, and US 101 throughout California are also planned to eventually be upgraded to freeways.


--- Quote ---US 101 -- Willits Bypass (Mendocino County) will be a freeway; Novato Narrows (northern Marin Co. and southern Sonoma Co.) will be upgraded to a freeway.
--- End quote ---

Of course now that I don't live up there...

They've been talking about that for years, but I see no indication that it's actually gonna happen, though it would be very welcome, it would also kill the economy of Willits.


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