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That milepost may be left over from when US 2 ran through Wenatchee and thus SR 28 ended at the east end of the Senator George Sellar Bridge. The northern bridge didn't open until 1975.

Repeated milepost 2:
Repeated milepost 3:
Repeated milepost 4:

And finally, an original, milepost 5:

I note that Wikipedia says the route runs for 135.25 miles. So, skipping ahead to the milepost nearest to the route's eastern terminus, we have milepost 130:

I can't find a milepost 131 anywhere, but from milepost 130 to the junction with US 2, it's about a mile, so mile 131 would be roughly at the eastern terminus of SR 28. That's four miles short, so I guess they just never updated the milage. If you change the duplicate mile 1 to mile 5 and add 4 to each subsequent mile, such as duplicate mile 2 becoming mile 6, obviously, there's the four-mile shortage solved. It's weird that they didn't notice the duplication, or maybe it was intentional? I can understand skipping numbers, like with the realignment of US 2 causing 120 -> 128 or routes like SR 530 starting at mile 17, as you've mentioned before, but duplication? Basically, miles 1—4 on SR 28's extension are correct, but they didn't update milage on the original alignment.

It just doesn't look right, but I guess it's just another little quirk that's interesting to discuss now, like the I-82 being east-west debate.


If you go to and zoom in on the area it shows that mile 5 is right there where the roads rejoin each other, though there's no milepost actually installed. And that duplicate mile 1 is just a few feet up. Similarly, it shows mile 131, as I thought above, being at the eastern terminus, there's just no milepost for it installed in the ground. It indicates the lanes farther away from the river as couplet and spur, though you already explained that's for internal uses since the ramps need a name. It also shows SR 28 between US 2 and SR 285 as SR 28B if you look at one of the cameras. Mileposts 1—4 in that section also have a B next to them. (The one on milepost 2 fell off.) It was explained to me here that B indicates realignment or extension:

And after looking at it further, via street view, SR 27 does the same thing and starts over where its original southern terminus was.

EDIT: There is one difference with SR 27. The extension portion of the highway has no mileposts installed out there at all that I can see.

Based on the official state highway log (page 699), the SR 28 mainline goes from 0.00B to 4.84B before resetting to "real" milepost 0.87. The spur and couplet are even stranger, both counting up from milepost 4.25 for no obvious reason. (According to the interchange diagram, they both begin at the same point, which is the start point - MP 0 - for SR 285, and count up in opposite directions.) Most likely, the milepost 5 on the map is actually milepost 5 of the spur route.


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