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I Nominate ( Blank) as the most loneliest road in the nation.

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Max Rockatansky:

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--- Quote from: CoreySamson on November 01, 2023, 12:51:44 AM ---The real winner, at least from what I could tell on my trip, was US 385 between Fort Stockton and Marathon. That road felt lonelier than anything else that I have been on, maybe except for FM 1053 between Fort Stockton and Odessa, but that one did have the occasional oil tanker.

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I've driven both of them, and yes, I remember both of them being quite desolate—especially compared to TX-18 nearby.

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Even south of Marathon to Big Bend National Park doesn’t have much traffic.  I didn’t pass a single car coming the opposite way when I drove it in 2013.

Didn't go too far, but I drove CA 62 heading east out of Twentynine Palms a couple weeks ago. It drops from the 4 lanes its maintained since I-10 to 2, then passes this ominous sign similar to the I-70 Utah situation.

A quick peek at Caltrans's traffic data map shows an AADT of 5300 west of the Utah Trail intersection (which leads to the Twentynine Palms entrance to Joshua Tree National Park), and 3060 east of it. The next data point to the east isn't until the San Bernardino/Riverside county line closer to the CA 177 intersection, which shows an AADT of 860.

We were on that stretch east of Twentynine Palms early in the morning (before heading back into Joshua Tree National Park for most of the day) and the sunrise over the desert from CA 62 was stunning:

If we can expand beyond the contiguous United States, I think I've seen exactly four other cars on my time spent on the Steese Highway once you leave the Fairbanks area and past the Cleary Summit (which is often used for northern lights viewing). Once you're on AK-6 and past that summit, it's basically absolutely nothing until you hit Circle. I drove about 15-20 miles on it once just to try to find another viewing area, and didn't see a single car in either direction. The four cars in question I saw parked just past the summit, so they were either locals or also watching the sky.

The loneliness of US 50 across Nevada is overstated. I will note that, last I checked, the quietest portion of US 50 in the state in terms of AADT (or damn close to it) was along the US 6 concurrency, while said concurrency is one of the busiest portions of US 6 in the state.

Old US 50 (NV SR 722) west of Austin is d-e-a-d. Most of the rural state routes in Nevada are dead unless they are on a major travel corridor. US 6 is pretty dead east of US 95. And this doesn't even get into Nevada's long spur routes.

Dark horse candidate here: NM 406. If you want dead, that is dead.

I feel like US 421 between Sanford, NC and Greensboro, NC is pretty lonely. When you get on US 421, you're either leaving the Fayetteville or Greensboro area so it feels like a huge drop off between 'busy' and 'empty'.


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