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Pallet Fire Under I-10 Causes Indefinite Closure

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Judging by some of the videos out there, there appears to be some significant spalling on the overpass. Even with available downtown LA detours, this could take a little bit of time to get fixed.

The Ghostbuster:
My mother showed me an online story about this. I responded by showing her a Street View image of the burned location before it went up in flames. How does this compare to the damage the Interstate 10 freeway took from the earthquake in 1994?


--- Quote ---Their goal is to open at least one lane on Monday, but continue to assess the damage.
--- End quote ---


Max Rockatansky:
Amusingly almost nobody on the Quick Map is using Olympic and an alternate.

J N Winkler:
StreetView of the storage yard that caught fire

My money would be on an extended closure since, if the fire burned hot enough to melt steel guardrail, it probably also cooked tensioning cables within the viaduct.


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