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Does anyone have any pictures from Uruguay's roads?   

There aren't many good pics.

It looks like they're using Australian highway shields.

Thanks.  I want to visit the Southern Cone very badly. I have an undergrad degree in Spanish and had a professor from Uruguay.  Her brother imported used cars into Uruguay
Post Merge: November 03, 2010, 06:49:07 PMWhere are these photos? I see the HWY 1 shield and Rio Santa Lucia, i can find that on a map

Today I visited the famous Laguna Garzón bridge. Opened in 2015, it separates traffic into two separate spans that form a ring over the water. This slows traffic as it moves through an ecologically sensitive area with pedestrians.

I’ll post video and photos as soon as I’m not working from only a cell phone, but in reality everything I took from the ground pales in comparison to the aerial shots anyway.


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