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Historic Mississippi highway maps now online


Recently discovered this one.

MDOT has posted its collection of historic Mississippi state highway maps (dating back to 1928) online.  They can be found here:

One note about many of MDOT's older maps (especially from the 50s thru the 60s):  they don't necessarily show all of the state highways that existed at the time.  But it's still an interesting (and useful) collection nonetheless.

Very nice!

If you look at the early to mid 1960's road maps, you will see parts of US 80 between Jackson and Vicksburg as a single black line.  Interstates were double black lines, using their map legand.  I do remember riding on that stretch of roadway many times as a kid, and that part of US 80 was kind of a super 2.  It had interchanges but was two-lanes, and signed as US 80, not as I-20.  I had never seen a roadway like it at the time.  We moved out of the area by '67, but it was obvious that they built this section of I-20 in stages and it started as a two-lane freeway section that was later widened to its current 4-lanes.

Hot Rod Hootenanny:
Good Deal.  This will help me with a US 61 project I've been occasionally working on for 2 months.


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