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I'll be driving from Newark to Hartford at the end of the month and I'd like some advice as to the best route in terms of price and traffic flow. I think all the bridges across the Hudson are tolled so there's no option but to pay. Once over the river there's a choice of I-95 or Merritt Parkway. I think there may be some tolls on I-95. Which of these is the quickest?

Interstate 95 is godawful between the state line and New Haven. Unless you are taking it late at night, expect lots of stop and go (way to many on and off-ramps). There are no tolls for I-95 outside of the New England Thruway plaza at New Rochelle that was $1.00 last I went through there.

Personally I'd avoid the GWB (horrible chokepoint of traffic at the toll plaza) and take the Palisades Interstate Parkway north to Interstates 87/287 across the Tappan Zee Bridge. From there you can take I-287 back to Interstate 95 or the Merritt, or you can take I-684 north to I-84. Interstate 84 is not much better than Interstate 95, but it is better.

Thanks for your replies, looks like it will be Merritt Parkway then. I've been through Hartford a few times but never from New York. One of the times was at night when I turned off onto a surface street and set up my tripod :)

How about taking 17 North to the Thruway to exit 17 to I-84?

Rob Adams:
It's a little out of the way, but the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge is cheaper than either the GWB or the Tappan Zee.  I'd consider I-84 also.

One thing about the Merritt - I concur with what the others are saying but be aware that if there's any kind of backup on it, you'll be wishing you had taken either 95 or 84!  An accident doesn't just slow the Merritt down; it stops it.


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