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A-73 expansion


Does anyone know when or if they're going to expand A-73 south of St. Georges to US-201 and to the north, a possible interchange with A-70?

The unofficial extension website:

Well to A-70 maybe a few decades according to my Quebec map.

Unlikely to ever head north to A-70.  70 will likely always be an orphaned Autoroute due to the limited traffic volumes there.  The twinning work on PR-175 is more due to safety because there are low volumes; it won't be to freeway standards, won't follow the whole route, and I do not believe it will carry the A-73 designation.  I find it interesting that A-70 and A-85 (future) are basically the same route and yet one is E-W and one is N-S because of how the GaspĂ© Peninsula skews directions.

Stephane Dumas:
here some good pictures of PQ-175 upgrades

and a couple of additionnals pics at various places


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