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Comparatively few people in Japan drive or even own a car, the country is too densely populated to allow for expansive car ownership and so it is discouraged. The tolls are insane on structures and bridges, I took the Tokyo Aqua-Line and paid $30 for the privilege. However, it saved me two or three hours (depending on traffic) and it was worth the money.

The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge was $20 or something, I dont remember specifically, but it also saved me two or three hours on a ferry. I didnt think the regular toll plaza rates were all that expensive. Its also hard to determine what is expensive when everything costs in the many thousands of yen, though.

The Expressways in Tokyo are awesome, they wind through skyscrapers 7 stories off the ground and have awesome views. The traffic (on the B- , C2-, and C1- at least) was never that bad for it being the largest city on earth.

There are some Japan blog posts at Also, most of Tokyo and Osaka's Expressways are on Google Street View now.

Japan is awesome. Check these HD videos:

Yeah I honestly think about going back there every day. There are civil engineering and roadways there that would absolutely blow your mind.

Also, driving on the left is far more fun than the right. Ha.

Tokyo is getting a beltway and when I was there two years ago it was about 70% done. They're building it around to the west side now. That was the only big freeway project in the country that I can think of at that time.

Look at this for instance. This is that beltway, and a new interchange is being build in the yellow zone. Such things would be unthinkable of in Europe.

Osaka; an expressway through a building!


4 levels? No problem!

I've always been a huge fan of Japanese civil engineering. That interchange on the bottom there is really impressive.


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