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Just added two more batches of photos Justin sent me:
Texas 358 eastbound - added and replaced pics
Texas 361 - created short page.

If you want, I can send you various photos from Virginia, including VA 288, VA 150, VA 895, and other routes.

I have 2005 Virginia photos of VA 288 southbound, VA 895 eb, and VA 150 (I think) sitting in the queue. The problem is finding time to write captions and edit the images.

VA-895's the Pocahontas Parkway, right? I don't think I've ever managed to drive on it. Never been on any of the three toll roads in Richmond.

Yes, it has a very high-level bridge (James River) and a pricey toll to boot. I have an ADC atlas from 1985 that shows it proposed with Interstate 895 shields on it.


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