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I have a question. Is there any more of those older freeway signs on I-95 in Rhode Island? Im gonna be passin through there and I'd like to get some photos if they are still there. So, are there?


What style of signs to which you refer?

The Interstate 195 relocation project (is that done yet?) claimed some of the original ones, and if its completed by now, then they are likely gone from the freeway mainlines.

I am unsure about the surface streets and Andy and I are still sitting on a pile of photos from July 2007 of all of the freeways...

Doesnt matter on the style. I just want to know if there are any on I-95.

A few in downtown Providence still are old.  The NB sign for US 1A (800 ft) is still button copy, even!  But most of the other ones are gone.  I-295's are almost all gone too but I believe a few didn't get picked up (the ones with the mixed distance/sequential).  Possibly many.


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